Port speed selection by default with Open Coconut 

At Open Coconut we like to work hard in order to provide our customers with the best service but we also like to build the most convenient and practical features.

This month we introduce our port speed selection feature. It allows you to start with a 1Gbps Ethernet port and if you need more bandwidth at a later stage in one click you can turn your 1Gbps port into a 10Gbps port. As you understood we work with dual rate SFP. This allows us to remove some key pain points:
  • No need to sync with us when you feel the need to upgrade (or downgrade) your port capacity
  • Downtime of your services is minimized
  • No paperwork (aka LoA) when the time comes for traffic increase
  • The price is the same whatever your port speed selection is

With this feature, we, again, put the accent on giving control to our customers.
You decide when you want to proceed and don't need to wait for us.

Want to see this feature in action?
Book a demo with us or create an account on our self-service web portal.
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