Our Remote Internet Exchange solution allows you to reach remote Internet Exchanges and your partners located in a specific region or country.

Remote IX is already available in several major Internet Exchanges. If you want to know more you can browse our international locations and see if the IX you're willing to connect to is listed. If not, contact us and we'll make it happen.

Internet Exchanges are getting more and more popular, they allow you directly peer and exchange traffic with major ISP or big names such as AWS, Google, Cloudflare and so on. Peering directly in selected locations will avoid your traffic to flow over your IP Transit, hence reducing your cost. However it may happen that the Internet Exchange has no physical presence in your datacenter or that you want to reach the Internet Exchange from your AWS VPC. That's exactly what OC - IX allows you to do. To remotely reach major Internet Exchanges such as AMSIX, DECIX, FranceIX and many more.



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Network path visualisation

Build multi-provider network paths and visualize them on  map so you know where your packets are going and avoid SPOF's

Instant delivery

Chose your circuit, configure your vlan, click deploy and your packets can start flowing on the instantly deployed circuit

Real-time metrics

Get metrics streamed directly from the network and browse historical statistics so you're sure to pick the link that best suits your needs

On-demand rerouting

Change the path and service providers if you're not happy with the service delivered or troubleshoot your issues with full control on the network

Peer with anyone

Make your port visible on the platform so your business partners can request an interco. Manage the link billing the way you imagine it  
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