What is a MMR?

In this section we will try to help you understand some basic concepts and components of our business.

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What is a MMR?

Let's start by what it means. MMR: Meet Me Room. Pretty self explanatory or not ...

A MMR is a room in a datacenter or a building where the tenants can "meet" each other in order to interconnect their infrastructure together.


Typically (but again there might be exception depending on who is your datacenter supplier), the tenants buy optical fiber running between their rack or cage to the Meet Me Room.

All the tenants do this, so they actually meet in the MMR. When they want to interconnect their infrastructure together they ask the datacenter staff to install a cross connect between their respective position they bought in the MMR.


What does it look like?

Basically it's a row of racks full of patch panels.

A picture is worth a thousand words so have a look below.

The yellow optical fibers are coming from all the tenant's infrastructure and ending in one of the rack pictured. So when the datacenter staff know both positions to be interconnected together, they run another piece of optical fiber between these two positions.


Since a Meet Me Room is usually a sensitive part of a datacenter infrastructure, access to this room is naturally restricted to datacenter staff.

Service providers

Some service providers are so big and they handle so many cross connect that they might have their own MMR in a given datacenter in order to reduce the costs associated to it.

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